safety concepts & risk analysis for your event or major event


Depending on the type of event, a safety concept is required! It is compulsory for more than 5000 places of visitors, regardless of the actual number of visitors!


Even at smaller outdoor venues, with 1000 places of visitors, a qualified evacuation concept with operational and organizational measures has to be created.


Are you optimally prepared for an incident during your event?

What type of measures will it take  to create safety?

Which legal processes should be followed?

Do you know your operator or organizer responsibility?


Complete safety concepts are your „protection“ for a trouble-free process as well as for satisfied visitors.

It does not have to be the big incident with evacuation measures. The control of passenger flows on arrival and departure , visual fields on a stage area or the placement of sanitary facilities contribute with correct planning to a relaxed event and give you a „good press“.


As an expert, I think in an integral and unconventional way, to identify solutions, that are relevant for safety but nevertheless economically justifiable.



Are micro-weather conditions taken into consideration and analyzed correctly?

Which safeyt announcements are required in case of a security-related interruption?

What does your security staff has to do in the context of operational safety?


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