about Thorsten "Tim" Vorkefeld, Dipl.-Ing.


Thorsten "Tim" Vorkefeld has been working in the area of national events for almost thirty years and has gained a wealth of experience in the planning and realization of events and major events.

In addition to the observation and application of various legal requirements, his practical experience makes a realistic and solution-oriented evaluation of relevant event parameters possible.


For the 46-years old graduated engineer (FH, mechanical engineering), who is also a state-approved pyrotechnist (stage/studio, display fireworks, SFX/ commercial explosives) and laser safety officer, the aspect of safety – despite spectacular effects and stage structures – always comes first.


With the acquired additional qualification as a certified expert (BDSH e.V. certificate no. 38722) he already offers you in the planning phase of an event a well-founded support.